The Dairy Science Forum Constitution

The Dairy Science Forum provides a focus for its members to strengthen the way science contributes to both the well being of the dairy cow and the dairy industry.


  1. To gain a better understanding of the contribution of research, development and extension to dairy science and practice.
  2. To define future areas of activity that may enhance efficient productivity, improve well-being of the cow, and fortify a viable dairy industry.
  3. To promote its views and activities by:
    1. Agreeing proposals for action at the end of each meeting, subject to the advice of the Treasurer on budgeting constraints.
    2. Reports from nominated members to the next business meeting of the Forum on matters arising from the action.


  1. Membership shall be restricted to a maximum of 40.
  2. Members will have a continuing active interest in Dairy Research, Development, Extension and Practice and will be selected from a wide range of interests representing all relevant disciplines.
  3. Proposals for membership shall be discussed and election to membership shall be by a 75% majority at the next general meeting.
  4. Members are expected to attend all Dairy Science Forum meetings. The Forum will review the membership of any member who fails to attend any three successive meetings without good cause.


  1. There shall be an Honorary President elected annually by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
  2. There shall be a Chairman and Vice-Chairman elected biennially from and by the Membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
  3. There shall be an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer elected annually from and by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
  4. The President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer may be re-elected.
  5. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall have the ex-officio power to conduct business on behalf of the Dairy Science Forum between ordinary meetings.


  1. The Forum shall meet twice a year at such times and places as corporately decided.
  2. Each meeting of the Forum shall take the form of a technical visit, a business meeting and a discussion session in an order appropriate to each occasion. During the spring/summer meeting the business meeting shall be designated the Annual Business Meeting when all officers shall be elected.
  3. Items for the agenda of the Business Meetings shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in writing at least 28 days before the meeting.
  4. Meetings of the Forum and the associated minutes will normally be private and confidential but at the discretion of the officers, guests may be invited to the technical visit and to the discussion session.


Proposals for amendment to the Constitution should be circulated at least 28 days before the Annual Business Meeting at which they will be considered. The Constitution may be amended by a simple majority of those present.

Revised November 2006.