Dr Jude Capper
Sustainability of Livestock Production Systems

Jude L. Capper, Ph.D. is an independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant based in Oxfordshire, who undertook her BSc (Agriculture with Animal Science) and PhD (Ruminant Nutrition and Behaviour) at Harper Adams, followed by post-doctoral research at Cornell University (USA) and a faculty position at Washington State University (USA).
Jude's research focuses on modeling the environmental impact of livestock production systems, specifically dairy and beef, including the effect of specific management practices and technology use. Her professional goal is to communicate the importance of factors affecting livestock industry sustainability to enhance the knowledge and understanding of food production stakeholders from the rancher and farmer through to the retailer, policy-maker and consumer. She has an active social media presence and spends a considerable amount of time de-bunking some of the more commonly-heard myths relating to resource use and the environmental impact of livestock production.
Jude maintains websites relating to her work at: and and has the Twitter handle of @Bovidiva. She can be contacted via email at