Impact of COVID-19 on Local and Global Dairy Industries

Virtual Meeting - Chaired by Prof Chris Knight

This year’s November Meeting was very much a first for the Forum - an international lineup of speakers covering many aspects of the pandemic's impact. Four of our eight invited guest participants were from outside the EU (Australia, India, USA and China) whilst our ”home team” represented Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Greece

Read the Full Meeting Report here

The Dairy Science Forum is a long-established, ad hoc group of individuals, each well recognised and specialised in a particular segment of the industry. Membership is limited and by invitation to ensure representation at an appropriate level across the breadth of the industry. The objectives of the Forum include:

♦ understanding and disseminating the contribution of research, development and extension to dairy science and practice,

♦ defining future areas of activity that may enhance efficient productivity and improve the well-being of the cow to fortify a viable dairy industry.